Office Hours and the Phone:

Office hours at our office in Alexandria for dogs are:
    Tuesdays:  9- 6:30 PM
    Saturdays:  9-12:30 PM

Office hours for horses are:
    Saturdays:  12:30 - 3:00 PM

Farm appointments for horses are all other days of the work week.

We try to return your calls on the same day.  Ron or Margy
answer your messages at the end of the day, it is 4-8:00 when he
returns from farm calls.

When you do call,  please keep in mind the limitations of cell phones.
Often cell phones break up, or the message is unintelligible
so please repeat your name and number.

When you call, please spell your last name, (and your first name if it
is unusual).  You would be surprised how the phone distorts the sound of
your names, and the sound of your pet's name.

Please also leave the best number to reach you at 4-8:00PM.  Often, you
call during the day, and by the time we can return your call, you have
already left work.  This creates "phone tag."  Due to the high volume of
calls and the unavailability of appointments, this creates problems when
we cannot get hold of you.

Please don't be afraid to leave an evening number.  We are not going to
share your number--it may be the only way to get hold of you.

We try to accommodate everyone, but
we are booked
up for about 4-6 weeks ahead, and scheduling is often a problem
We would really appreciate your help, and by working together, we can
get your pet taken care of.  That's what it is all about.